Skin of Color

 Skin with rich tones from olive to mocha brown and more deeply hued must be treated with individualized and specialized care.
    • Dr. Obayan specializes in skin of all hues and can advise you on how to care for your skin.
    • Richly hued skin must be handled gently because it tends to react to rashes and irritation by forming dark marks and dark spots, which take time to fade away. Dr. Obayan can recommend treatments to erase these dark spots, leaving your skin healthy and clear.
    • Products that contain hydroquinone are commonly used to treat dark marks, but may cause long lasting problems if they are used for too long. Always consult a dermatologist before you pursue any procedures or treatments because your delicate skin may be at risk.
    • Some natural options to gently treat dark marks on skin of all tones include azelaic acid, licorice extract, kojic acid, and vitamin C. There are some over the counter products that contain these skin-brightening compounds and work well on tanned to brown tones of skin.
    • Any time you have a skin condition like acne or any condition that causes inflammation/redness of the skin, it must be treated quickly by a dermatologist to prevent long-lasting dark marks.
    • All skin types need protection from the sun to prevent skin cancer, premature wrinkling, and to prevent dark spots. Dr. Obayan always recommends a regimen that includes a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin.
    • Be sure to schedule your appointment so we can treat your dark marks and sun spots, leaving your skin clear, smooth, and glowing!