Eczema is a dry skin rash. It is a condition that requires continuous moisturizing of the skin. Like psoriasis, it is a disorder of the immune system, which overreacts to bacteria and allergy-causing products, foods, and pollens. This causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin, particularly on the neck, the inner arms, and the backs of the knees. 

Eczema is also caused by use of hot water to shower or bathe and lack of moisturizer use after bathing. It is a condition that is very common in young children and it is associated with asthma and seasonal allergies.

Older patients can also get eczema for the first time. Many times it is due to using hot water and not moisturizing the skin, as mentioned above, but sometimes it is the classic type of rash that children get. We do not yet know why adults get eczema for the first time later in life.

If you have an itchy rash on your arms, behind your knees, or on your neck, you could have eczema. You should try showering or bathing in lukewarm to cool water and applying a nice, thick moisturizer to your skin afterwards. If you have a lot of allergies, you might need a test to make sure you’re not using a product that is causing an allergic rash. 

This dry skin rash improves with heavy moisturizers, anti-histamines for itch, steroid and non-steroid creams, avoidance of hot water, and a new injectable medication.

If you think you or your child could have eczema, make an appointment today to be assessed by your local board certified dermatologist.