Bumps and growths

We have all noticed bumps, spots, and growths that creep onto our skin over time, leaving blemishes and dark spots that we have to constantly filter or photoshop out of our lives.

Some common bumps and growths include:

Seborrheic keratoses: AKA “wisdom spots,” “barnacles,” “age spots,” “liver spots.” These spots and bumps appear over time and tend to grow and increase in size. They are often itchy, especially when irritated or traumatized. Patients with skin of color often get pin-point to chocolate chip sized dark brown and black bumps on the face, neck, and chest, which some think are moles, but are actually these slow growing, benign bumps. Good news: They can actually be removed!

Gentle removal with a cold technique or an electrical technique can eradicate these bumps forever (but do not prevent you from getting new ones as time passes).

Sebaceous hyperplasia: Pink or light yellow colored bumps that occur most frequently on the face. These bumps represent overgrown oil glands and can also increase in size and number over time. These can also be treated! Light electrosurgery can melt these unwanted bumps away.

Sun spots or lentigo: These light to dark brown spots are the direct result of sun exposure. Over time, increased brown color deposits in the skin, forming these unwanted brown spots and marks. They tend to be circular and are one shade of brown. Sometimes these spots can enlarge and change color, turning into melanoma. If any spots on your skin are changing color, growing, or otherwise concerning, visit your local board certified dermatologist immediately! The sooner it can be examined, the better.

Sun spots can be treated in a variety of ways. The most effective treatment is prevention using a broad-spectrum sunscreen and protective clothing. Retinols, retinoids, and anti-oxidants like vitamin C and kojic acid can also help to lighten these spots and fade them with consistent use. Laser treatment is also an effective way to erase these unwanted spots.