Battling Split Earlobe? There Are Solutions!

Battling Split Earlobe? There Are Solutions!

Dr. Saya Obayan 

Hoop earrings. Dangling earrings. While they might look great with that perfect outfit, they could cause trauma to your earlobes and ultimately result in split earlobes. Not to worry! Split earlobes can be restored with a surgical procedure. This specialty surgical procedure is typically performed by dermatologic surgeons.


The surgical procedure is simple – the earlobe is cleaned and numbed; a tiny amount of skin near the split is then cut out and re-stitched back together. If the patient has indicated they want to continue wearing earrings, the surgeon can perform a technique that leaves a small tract or hole for pierced earrings. As with any surgery, there are some potential complications to be aware of, such as pain, excessive bleeding, infection, or scarring.


Before you opt for surgery, consult a dermatologist and discuss any history of keloids; and provide input on what you want as the outcome of the surgery; i.e. how you want your earlobe to look after the surgery and most importantly if you want to continue wearing earrings.


Protect Your Earlobes


To avoid repeating split earlobes, start by donating those heavy hoops and dangling earrings to charity and remembering to remove your stud earrings before going to bed. Give your ears a rest and they’ll thank you for it.

What is Available to Help? 

For those that wear earrings often and feel as though a split earlobe may occur, there are ways to help you! Some options include earring-back stabilizers and support patches. They are easily applied to the back of the ear hole and through the earring to serve as a safeguard and for extra reinforcement. 

The purpose of these products are to reduce weight and prevent the look of stretched or droopy ear piercings. Hypoallergenic support patches are an option to maintain healthy earlobes, especially for those that are more sensitive to metal materials. A variety of affordable packs are sold online on Amazon and popular jeweler Kendra Scott offers a hypoallergenic product, too. 


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