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Welcome to Skin Joy Dermatology! Our physician is board-certified dermatologist expertly trained to care for all types of skin disease, offering treatment options ranging from medical to surgical to cosmetic. Every patient is seen on every visit by a board-certified dermatologist. At Skin Joy Dermatology, we are committed to going the extra mile and aim to deliver outstanding care with compassion and excellence.

After 3 bad visits with other dermatologists, Dr. Obayan was wonderful. I feel confident that she will finally help me find out what’s going on with my skin

- Victor P.

Dr. Obayan was incredible. She took the time to understand my concerns and look into my family history. She was pleasant and explained every step of the process wit me, answering any questions I might have. I’d absolutely recommend her to my family and friends.

- Jade M.

I met Dr. Obayan for the first time and was in a lot of pain and she was extremely compassionate and professional. It was very obvious to me that she is practicing because she wants to help people.​

- Jessica M.

Dr. Obayan is a Board-Certified Boston-trained Dermatologist with over 7 years experience in treating all skin types and conditions of the skin. She is committed to providing high quality skin care with a focus on prevention and your skin wellness. To learn more about Dr. Obayan


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